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Notes on installing apps outside the App Store:

iPhone / iPad

You can distribute apps “Ad-Hoc”…  from Apple: 
“With Ad Hoc distribution, you can share your app with up to 100 iOS devices via email or your server.”


So you can start distribution while getting it on the app store — then just change the links in the Magic Mobile Control plug-in.


You can install apps from “non-market” sources, including Amazon, AppBrain and more – as well as your own website.  Just set up an install page and create a link to the app program file stored that you upload to your server (like you would for a pdf file, for example.  Android will see the file type and install it as an app.

HOWEVER, all Android devices come with the option to install “non-market” apps disabled by default.  On your Adriod download page, have the following directions:

  Step 1: Click the MENU button

  Step 2: Go to SETTINGS

  Step 3: Click on APPLICATIONS

  Step 4: Make sure that “UNKNOWN SOURCES” is checked

  Step 5: Read the warning message and acknowledge if you are OK to proceed with the changes



Amazon doesn’t like it, but you can do it.  🙂  It is very similar to the Android apps shown above.   For detailed instructions, visit and save this link.