Simple Video Pro & FanBuzz FAQ

Important Answers

  1. Is this a WordPress Plugin?  Yes – this is a WordPress Plugin
  2. Can I put these videos on YouTube?  No – it does not create videos that can be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook
  3. Where do the videos play?  It plays the videos on your website – the video files can be hosted on your own server, Amazon S3 or YouTube.  If someone uses an embed code, the video is still playing on your site… it is just in an iFrame window on their site.
  4. Why don’t banner ads show up in the video on the iPhone/iPad?  
    Regarding iPhone playback: videos played via SVP on the iPhone will play quite well…  however Apple has locked down their player…  when the video is playing, nothing else can happen on the screen – unless Apple specifically allows it.  Banner ads and pop-ups will not display while the video is playing on an iPhone/iPad – it is impossible…  however,
    * The begin splash works
    * The end splash works and will be any link you like
    * The buy now button will display at the end as well
    * Content reveal will work – and if the video is paused before the time you set, the content will remain hidden.  If the video is paused after the time you set, the content will be revealed!
  5. My virus scanner says this is a potentially dangerous file – is this a virus?  
    Answer: No!  The reason for this warning is that the plug-in is protected by ascii-encoding and and some virus programs see the encoding as a threat.  It is not a threat and is installed on thousands of systems with zero reports of any virus.  It is 100% free of malware and does not report anything but license verification back to our database.