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(complete details coming in a video soon!!)


1. My never before released InstaMagic Blocks plug-in.

When you want something special in your sidebar or other widget areas, you know what a pain using the Text widget can be!  You have to know HTML, and then you place a widget on your site, it displays for each and every page…. even if it doesn’t make sense…  What a pain!


My wife and I use InstaMagic Blocks, a very unique plugin, every day in our WordPress site design because it solves the above problems along with all the issues that are inherent in widget areas.  And today for the first time, I am offering it as a bonus when you buy Simple Viral Control from this page.  I will have a video detailing InstaMagic Blocks by later this afternoon…


2. One hundred twelve Facebook cover images – 67 of which are my own professional photographs and the rest are with people in various niches and include the psd source files so you can choose between two backgrounds and 20 different colors.


3. My webinar with Don Wilson where he goes into depth about Facebook Fan Pages and driving traffic to them…. this webinar is more applicable to your off-line clients and giving you the tools to serve them better, make them happy, and make some more money.


4. Instructional video for newbies on how to create a fan page from scratch.


All these bonus items will be available and a link will be mailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase.


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